As it says on all the maps at the rest stops across America and on those maps in every mall across this land, "YOU ARE HERE." Here is Woohoo!!

First (and most importantly) we owe many thanks to the late great Fremont artists that contributed to the images you see on our banners and menus. Second, NikDog started as a business idea, morphed into a fun site for our photos and stuff, and will eventually be both. For now we hope you enjoy looking around.

  • For other interesting images (that are actually our own), you should visit our Photos page and see some of what we have encountered and captured on camera.
  • Our Bios page will tell you about us when we get around to posting that boring stuff.
  • Our Contact Us page is where you can go if you need to let us know you are out there.
  • If you are interested in having your own website, we can help you. Both Nik (Nikki actually, but really Nicole) and Dog (ScruffDog actually, but really Dog) are creative types and have a great time doing this stuff. Let’s talk over your website ideas.
  • Oh yeah, and we are both good writers too. Nik even has a degree in Communications, and Dog knows how to use a pencil and paper. And Nik is an exceptional cook. And Dog is a musician and makes great blueberry scones. And Nik has a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. And Dog is a musician (he doesn’t have as many talents, so he had to say it twice just to try and keep up with Nik).

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